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Casino Schedule Ease is a client server based computer program designed specifically for the scheduling needs of the table game segment of the casino industry. Schedule Ease automates more than 90% of the time consuming tasks typically completed manually by staff and as such, frees them for higher priority tasks.

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Online Features


Casino Schedule Ease Online complements Schedule Ease client server by allowing table game employees to interact with other table game employees to request and switch their respective schedules without assistance from scheduling department staff, subject to your final approval.

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Return on Investment

24/7 YES REALLY...

Casino Schedule Ease is focused on increasing productivity. Through superior products and support, the Casino Schedule Ease team will streamline your already existing processes.

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Why Schedule Ease?

The Casino Schedule Ease Team is comprised of the best professionals in the business. Combining decades of experience in the casino and data management industry allows us to understand our customers needs and implement them with the most advanced product available. Rivaling our product and experience is our customer service. When the need for support arises, it comes from the same professionals that work directly with our product to solve the issue efficiently.


Look At Us Now

The team at Casino Schedule Ease works diligently around the clock to advance the Casino Schedule Ease product line in addition to maintaining the existing products. Take a look at some of our latest improvements:

Change Schedules Screen 3/14/14

Updated the screen to read more intuitively as well as one click swapping.

Master Schedules 3/3/14

Ability to list your master schedule report by Job Codes

Job Maintenance 2/25/14

Ability to create your own job codes and relate those job to the master schedule. Previously you needed to contact support for this type of change

Manage Employees Module 10/9/13

View a complete review of your team member from one easy location

Standbys texting update 9/4/13

Signing up for the standby list or already on it? Don't miss the chance to pick up an assignment by missing a phone call. Choose text me as your preferred contact method. The Schedule Ease Team has added the ability for full communication when contacted for an assignment.

Delete Roadmaps & Assignments 6/3/13

Ability to delete RoadMaps and assignments for a week or individual days, giving you the ability to now copy a new day into that RoadMap. This is all done within the application and no need to contact support.

Pit Manager 5/15/13

Cool Feature - Gives you the ability see your Casino Floor or Scheduled Area and move team members from one assignment to another. Also work the EO & FO list right from one easy location.

Announcing Time Piece! 2/15/13

The CSE team is proud to announce Time Piece, time and attendance software. Streamline your current procedures using Time Piece with your current sign in sheets or our state of the art time clocks. Contact CSE for a demonstration today.

Disciplinary Module 1/25/13

Now manage and keep track of all team member disciplinary reports electronically.

Managing Early Outs 11/30/12

Managing early outs just got easier. Now you can sort the early outs by seniority, time start, employee name, or employee number, and choose how many you'd like to see at a time

Early Out Module 10/18/12

View and manage your complete EO system online eliminate the paper

Pit Manager Mobile 10/15/12

Take the Pit Manager feature one step further with our mobile additions. Pick up an iPad and take the functionality with you.

Pit Manager 9/10/12

You can now view and update the casino floor for each shift. With this new feature, you will see where each employee is scheduled for the selected shift. Need to make a change on the fly? Drag and drop workers to the early out pool or to another pit.

Upload Your Testimonial 7/12/12

The team at CSE would like to invite existing customers to share their experience with Casino Schedule Ease. Login and go to the customers page where you can upload your own testimonial to be displayed on our site.

New Website 6/14/12

The CSE team is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Check it out to see the videos and details on how CSE can save your location time and money. Existing customers can check out new features we're adding and get support for existing products.

What Our Customers Say...

Atlantic City, NJ

"When I took over in May of 2010, there were 6 full time employees running the scheduling office, now we have 3. From an employer stand point, we saved paper, time, & personnel, the phones stopped ringing off the hook, and foot traffic has been cut down 90%. From an employee stand point: They can request days off, "give" a day away, switch shifts, check their schedule, get a text when a shift opens up for them to pick up, all from any PC or smart phone!"

Denise Nowak
Table Games Scheduling Supervisor

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Please contact Sales today for a demonstration. We will be happy to setup either an on-site or online demo at your convenience.