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Casino Schedule Ease Application Features

A Casino Automated Scheduling System

Dedicated to the casino industry. Casino scheduling faces many difficulties unique to the casino industry. Schedule Ease was developed solely for and is still only sold to casinos. Schedule Ease is the only automated scheduling system that generates its schedule from a "road-map" – a graphical representation of the casino floor.


Every casino and department within a casino operates with different rules and priorities and operates under different logistical conditions. Schedule Ease is parameter driven. The team at GEC Computer Systems will work closely with your scheduling team and management to properly setup the many parameters so that Schedule Ease works best for you. These parameters can easily be changed as the need arises.

Equitable Scheduling:

Assignment types, dual rating, reliefs, time starts and part time usage are distributed among the appropriate employees. Deniable special requests can be given on a first come, first serve basis, or on a previous request/attendance points based system.


Information is key to proper management. Schedule Ease comes with many built in reports and through the use of Microsoft Access, the user can report on any information desired.

Ease of Use:

Schedule Ease is Windows based and uses icons and menus that users are familiar with from other Windows software.


Each user can be allowed to perform as few or as many of the Schedule Ease functions as desired by management. Each user can also print as few or as many of the Schedule Ease reports, depending on the information they are authorized to access.

Other Features:

  • Employee Skills: Each employee can be given a different rating for each skill they possess (ex. game they can deal) and each assignment is also rated, ensuring that the most suitable assignments are made.
  • Employee Availability: Employees can be made available for all times during their shift, other shifts, or limited to specific times on a whole week or daily basis.
  • Employee Calendar: Through the employee calendar, special requests and assignments can be easily made and viewed.
  • Specific Scheduling: Before and after the automatic schedule is run, employees can be assigned or reassigned to specific assignments as desired.
  • Weekly or Daily Copying: For efficient weekly preparation, the road-map can be copied each week from any previous week, or on a day by day basis to facilitate holidays or special events.
  • Constant Scheduling: Schedules can be predefined and assigned appropriately for employees that require the same schedule on a regular basis.

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