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Casino Schedule Ease Online Features

Online Access

Casino Schedule Ease Online is based on the ASP (Application Service Provider) model, meaning that we, GEC Computer Systems, will host, maintain and cover all the bandwidth fees that a website would incur, including the database maintenance and necessary backups. The ASP model also significantly reduces the time between your purchase and going live.

Secure Transactions

Through password restricted logon and from any location with a computer and Internet access, employees will be able to initiate and consummate transactions typically handled by scheduling staff. These transactions include:

  • View and print two or three week schedule listing (determined by client).
  • View and print Paid Time Off report of hours used and remaining, based on employee’s hire date.
  • Submit and monitor special request form.
  • Schedule Switch Form: Schedule switches will be requested by an employee and accepted or rejected by the second employee involved. Employees will authenticate and accept the switch via encrypted email link. However, accepted switches will not be final until approved by the scheduling department.

Office Features

Casino Schedule Ease Online includes the following Back Office Features for scheduling administrators and the scheduling department’s staff:

  • Password restricted logon with permissions granted to certain individuals to perform all or some of the administration tasks.
  • Upload schedules and PTO information as often as desired.
  • Grant or deny special request entered by scheduled employees.
  • Grant or deny schedule switches entered by scheduled employees.
  • Flexibility to post the new week’s schedule.
  • Flexibility to send emails to any or all of your scheduled employees with the click of one button.
  • Instantly generate switch and special request count reports.
  • Utilize the Home Page of Schedule Ease Online to post messages from management.

Web Presence

GEC Computer Systems will also provide your web presence online. An example of this would be If you would rather use your existing domain name we can also set-up your domain as follows: The choice is yours and we will provide all the setup and implementation as necessary.

The Complete CSE Brochure

Please contact Sales today for a demonstration. We will be happy to setup either an on-site or online demo at your convenience.